door safety & window safety

Glazing bands are the visual indicator decals you see on glass doors and windows which are required for people with vision impairment, they alert them to a barrier created by clear glass and to prevent them from walking through it. Our door safety technicians can advise on and provide solutions required to comply with current safety standards. We provide custom glazing bands that can incorporate your company or business logo for that complete finished look. Some of our door safety services include:

  • Adjusting the sweep speed on automatic door closers

  • Safety sign Installation

  • Glazing decal band installation

Visual indicators and anti slip products assists in managing risk around doorways, stairs, escalators and paths.  Our safety professionals can advise on the best solution to meet your requirement and current Australian safety standards. Some of these services include:

  • Stair nosing installation to prevent damage and slippage whilst providing visability for safe movement.

  • Anti slip safety sign Installation to prevent accidents on uneven floors and unexpected steps.

  •  Antislip safety tape installation to prevent slippage and to provide a visual indicator for landings, ramps and steps.  Available Colours: Black, Yellow, White, Clear, Grey, Yellow & Black (Diagonal Stripes) and Black with Luminous Strip.

  • Tactile indicator insatallation, tiles or individual studs, installed at top and bottom of stairs, venue entrances and exits, ramps, escalators, travellators, bus stops, train stations and road crossings.

floor safety